What Are Some Characteristics of Men Who Hate Women?

Men who hate women, or misogynists, exhibit characteristics such as repeatedly cheating in relationships, breaking promises, habitual tardiness, cockiness and being self-centered. Misogynists do not always know that they hate women, and they exude charm and sensitivity in new relationships. There are warning signs that women, and women-haters, may miss at first, such as selecting a target and drawing her in with flirtation, excitement and charisma.

Upon solidifying a hold on a susceptible woman, the woman-hater's behaviors fluctuate rapidly between irresistible to rude and instantly back to irresistible. He typically honors agreements with other men, but the promises he makes to women often fail to materialize. For example, he keeps appointments with men but leaves women waiting as he fails to honor date times or appointments.

The woman-hater demonstrates that he feels above women, and he may be very competitive with them. He does not like it when a woman achieves greater social or professional standing. He treats men and women differently at work and in social settings, allowing men greater liberties for which he criticizes women.

A misogynist uses any tactic he can conceive to make women miserable. He makes fun of female partners, makes hurtful jokes at their expense in public and generally does the opposite of what he knows his partners want. Professionally, he may pass their ideas off as his own, taking all the credit for himself.