What Are Some Characteristics of a Mars in Pisces Woman?

According to Life by Soul, Mars in Pisces indicates a kind but aggressive person. Mars is often called the planet of aggression and war, while Pisces is a water sign that is considered to indicate a fickle but compassionate, caring person.

Mars in Pisces women may be caring, kind, considerate and may be focused on helping others as a career path. Pisces women are considered emotional and reliant on emotions to make decisions rather than logic. Mars in Pisces men and women are secretive and may prefer seeking hidden desires or may be drawn toward secretive love affairs.

Pisces women are considered romantic and may fall in love quickly, but they prefer the idea of passionate romance rather than the practical, everyday work that makes a relationship last. Mars in Pisces women may fall in love many times and in quick succession. Mars in Pisces women may prefer men who are sensitive, artistic and idealistic.

Mars is a sign that brings aggression to the typically shy and easygoing Pisces woman. People with Mars in Pisces are also considered compassionate and creative. Astrology in Action states that Mars in Pisces women may provide care for others professionally. They may opt for a career in social work, offer foster care to children in need or volunteer time to help the needy. Mars in Pisces women may have bursts of energy and may lack the focus that is required to complete detailed tasks.