What Are Characteristics of a Mars in Gemini Woman?

The features of Mars in Gemini on a person's character are not gender separated. The only feature that differs is that of attraction. Females with Mars in Gemini tend to disown these characteristics, projecting them onto the men that attract them. People with Mars in Gemini are often fast paced; they live an active life and hate to be bored. Routine is not their speciality.

Those with Mars in Gemini have a difficult time focusing. Their attention often and easily wonders off in another direction. They have an enormous amount of energy, both physically and intellectually, and a constant need for mind stimulation. This makes them great talkers, speakers, journalists, lawyers and debaters. They love to argue and can never resist the allure of a challenge. It's very important to keep their attention in matters that are emotional and sexual. They can be very flirty in exchanges with romantic interests, and they're always looking to take on an adventure and have new experiences.

Some examples of famous people with Mars in Gemini are Uma Thurman, Martin Luther King, Courtney Love, Al Pacino and Natalie Portman.

A woman with Mars in Gemini will be attracted to interesting, lively, intelligent and fun men, while traditional or old-fashioned men are boring to them. Astrologers say that the brains are the biggest sexual organs of women with Mars in Gemini.