What Are Some Characteristics of Libra Women?

Some characteristics of Libra women include their attractiveness, their creativity and their charm. Other traits are a pleasant personality, strong work ethic and excellent interpersonal skills.

Libra women are both beautiful and creators of beauty. Many possess attractive smiles and enjoy dressing in their own unique style. An active creative mind is a dominant trait. Often Libra ladies work in professions such as writers, singers or fashion designers and excel at providing constructive criticism.

They also use this creativity in romantic relationships, making sure their partners feel appreciated and not bored. Libra women value charm and attractiveness in others as well as themselves. They can fall for a partner based solely on looks even though the person is obviously unsuited to them.

Relaxed and easygoing, Libra women make good leaders, friends and partners. They are easy to talk to and are often trustworthy. Libra ladies keep harmony in their surroundings by solving relationship problems with their strong diplomatic skills and are especially skilled in sorting out moral issues. They also expect fair treatment from others but sometimes use their charm to manipulate others.

Some Libra women expect others to know what they want without saying it. They are prone to over thinking situations but not acting enough. They love contributing to anther's success but must be included in the accolades.