What are some characteristics of some Kenyan tribes?


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Some of the characteristics of some Kenyan tribes are a culture of hospitality, differing physical characteristics and being group-oriented. The diversity of characteristics is due to the diverse origins of the tribes found in Kenya.

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Maasais are distinguished by their tall stature, dark skin and their love for cattle. Unlike other Kenyan tribes, the Maasai have resisted modernization by clinging to their culture and traditional attire, which makes them stand out from other tribes.

The Kikuyu are the largest tribe in Kenya and are diverse in both height and skin color as they have diverse origins. Kikuyus, who are known to be hard workers, have been very successful economically as well as politically. Unlike the Maasai, the Kikuyu value land as opposed to cattle as they are largely farmers in the highlands of Kenya.

The Swahili are slightly similar to the Kikuyu in their diverse origins, as the community emerged from the mixing of Arab and Persian traders with the local Bantu communities at the Kenyan coast. They however differ from other tribes in that they have always been an urban community, having co-founded with the Arabs and Persians several towns and cities along the East African coast, including Mombasa and Kilwa. The Swahili are also predominantly Muslim, while the Kikuyu and Maasai are largely Christian. All Kenyan tribes, however, have a communal culture that prioritizes the community over the individual.

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