What Are Characteristics of an Intelligent Person?

According to Elite Daily, some characteristics of intelligence include knowledge that extends beyond book smarts, knowledge in many different areas, skepticism toward the status quo and an ability to remain focused. While intelligence is commonly thought of as formal learning and specialized knowledge, intelligent people possess abilities that go beyond this limited conception.

Truly intelligent people are acutely aware that many things cannot be learned from books. They acknowledge the need for firsthand experience and seek out real-life opportunities to expand their own knowledge. While reading and studying are of obvious importance, intelligent individuals know that this type of learning must also be augmented by actual observation and experience.

Additionally, smart people are not just smart in one field. While they may specialize in a certain discipline, intelligent people are well-informed about a variety of subjects. Possessing informed opinions is of paramount importance to intelligent individuals, so they strive to make sure that their own views are as learned as possible.

Intelligent people are also hesitant to accept the status quo and quick to question what is normal. Their perceptive nature makes it difficult for them not to consider possible changes and improvements to standard practices, regardless of the context.

Finally, intelligent people are keenly aware of the limitations of time and the dangers of being distracted. While many people may become diverted by daily distractions, intelligent people know how to ignore them and focus on what is truly important.