What Are the Characteristics of Gospel Sermons?

What Are the Characteristics of Gospel Sermons?

A good gospel sermon should be set in the present, address the audience personally, be persuasive, passionate, straight to the point, powerful and above all,focused on Jesus Christ. It should be based on the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The aim of every sermon is to advance the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ. Jesus is always at the center of it all.

A good gospel sermon begins with biblical data that is set in the past, but should be rapidly brought to the present. The preacher must connect the word in the Bible, to the world today, and make the word relevant, even for the future.

A powerful message is talking to someone. It should directly address the plight of the audience. The preacher must create an emotional connection with the audience and make them feel like he is addressing each one of them personally. The preacher should use stories with similar lessons to create this connection.

A great sermon always aims at invoking change. It is persuasive and passionate. The preacher should demonstrate the importance of the point in focus with a strong emotional appeal and encourage the audience to take a positive action.

A good gospel sermon is powerful, but straight to the point. Avoid beating too much around the bush. The preacher must use simple words as much as possible and try to make the audience understand the point in focus with all clarity.