What Are the Characteristics of Capricorns?


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The characteristics traditionally attributed to the Zodiac sun sign of Capricorn include hard work, ambition, determination, pragmatism and single-minded determination. They enjoy undertaking large projects as well as completing them. The animal associated with this sign is the goat, an animal known for its persistence when ascending mountains.

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What Are the Characteristics of Capricorns?
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As a result of their determined and ambitious nature, astrologists warn that Capricorns might be difficult to deal with at times. In particular, they might be impatient with others who lack a similar drive, or else stubborn in their single-minded striving to get where they are going.

Capricorns do not expect luck to bring about their goals of victory or success; rather, they have faith in their own abilities and persistence to carry them through.

As a sign associated with the element of Earth, Capricorns are also known for their low tolerance for impractical or unrealistic ideas. They are unlikely to follow a path on a whim and tend to work within tried and tested parameters.

In love, Capricorns have an affinity for Taurus, Virgo and their fellow Capricorns. They are expected to appreciate the goal-driven nature of Taurus and other Capricorns, and to benefit from the complementary nature of Virgos, who often mirror their traits of common sense and loyalty.

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