What Are Some Characteristics of a Capricorn Male?


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Characteristics typical of a Capricorn man include a deep respect for tradition, a strong sense of responsibility, an over-abundance of caution and a somewhat conventional nature. Capricorns can also be stubbornly pessimistic, defining their world-view through a bleakly negative filter regardless of their personal success. Capricorns often expect the worst.

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The zodiac sign Capricorn, symbolized by the mountain goat, occupies December 21st to January 20th on the astrological calendar. Capricorn men have a high regard for traditional values and are generally hesitant to accept newer, more contemporary standards of behavior; for them, social mores and moral propriety are paramount. Capricorns are unassuming, lack pretension and embrace an honest, hard-working approach to life characterized by intelligent decision-making, sensible spending and long-term planning.

This practical quality, however, can lead the Capricorn man to be overly cautious, sometimes taking longer than necessary to become comfortable in unfamiliar situations or trust newcomers. He embraces security and stability, tending to shun frivolity and fun-and-games, at least at first. Once assured it's safe, the Capricorn male will usually loosen up and let his hair down.

Typically, Capricorns are governed by an overly pessimistic outlook on life. They rarely believe the best is yet to come; looking ahead, they usually see storm clouds on the horizon. Ironically, their pessimistic nature is often most responsible for their achievements. They feed off of their negativity.

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