How Do You Change the Settings on a Samsung LCD TV?

Adjust the settings of the majority of modern Samsung LCD televisions by pressing the Menu button located on the remote control of these televisions. Then select the appropriate category of settings to adjust with the remote’s arrow keys and Enter button. There are also some service settings located in a hidden menu on most Samsung televisions, but the method for accessing the service menu varies from model to model.

The settings that most Samsung LCD television owners need to adjust on their sets are found under the standard settings menu accessed from the Menu button of Samsung remote controls. These settings include the picture mode, contrast, and brightness controls located under the Picture portion of the Settings menu. Owners can also adjust advanced quality features such as motion interpolation and backlight brightness in the Advanced Picture settings. The options for setting up network features and app settings for Samsung TVs with smart TV capabilities and Internet connections are also accessed using the Menu button of the Samsung remote control.

Owners who need to access more advanced factory settings may need to access the service menu of their televisions by pressing a particular key combination on their remote controls. This combination varies from model to model. One example of these combinations is holding the Mute and Power keys along with the 1, 2, and 8 keys on the numeric keypad of the remote.