How Do You Change an Organizational Culture?

How Do You Change an Organizational Culture?

To change an organizational culture, assess the existing culture, define the organization's strategy and decide what the new culture should look like to support success. Influence individuals in the organization to change their behavior towards the new culture.

Analyze the current culture and performance. Uncover the organization's core values and beliefs and acknowledge differences between subcultures within the organization. Define critical strategic priorities and how to achieve them. List the weaknesses and unconscious beliefs that may hinder the organization from achieving its full potential. These weaknesses may arise from organizational metaphors, myths, stories and behaviors from its members.

Clarify the organization's initial vision and engage company teams in defining SMART goals -- goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Use feedback from these teams to prioritize objectives that support strategic priorities and expected behavior. Identify measures required to realize these objectives. Develop and maintain a management system to track or monitor the status of priorities and goals.

Eliminate incongruities in existing beliefs, goals and objectives and choose the ones to which the organization wants to commit. Outline expected behavioral norms that clearly demonstrate desired values.

Communicate performance improvement and the role of the new culture to employees so that they feel part of the process. Compare progress against expectations and engage the employees during new adjustments.