How Do You Change the Language on Your Laptop?

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

For a laptop using the Windows operating system, enter the control panel, click on the Regional and Language Options button, and proceed to change the language under the Keyboards and Languages tab. The selection changes the display language. Change your input language on the language bar to complete the process.

  1. Enter the control panel

    Select the start button and click the control panel.

  2. Access the appropriate tabs

    On the control panel screen, click the “Clock, language and region” tab. Click on the “Region and language” tab to open up a new window. Click the “Keyboards and language” tab.

  3. Choose a language

    Click the “Display language” button to access the languages provided by the operating system. Select your desired language and choose OK. If the language you want is not listed, you will need to install a language package to make the change. The display language includes text boxes, help and support topics, menus and wizards.

  4. Change the input language

    Right click on the task bar and click the language bar. Right-click the task bar if you can’t find the language bar. When you point to the toolbars, you should see the language bar. Click the Input language bar and select the language you wish to use.