How Do I Change the Code on a Unican Lock?

The tools to change a Unican 1000 series lock combination include the key to access the inner cylinder mechanism of the lock and a Phillips head screwdriver. The door must be opened when changing the combination on the Unican 1000 series lock. Begin by using the lock key to remove the fitting on the inside portion of the lock to gain access to the change sleeve.

Next, turn the doorknob or lever to the left until it stops. Release the doorknob and then enter the old combination by using the button panel located above the doorknob. For new Unican 1000 locks, the factory combination sequence is to press buttons 2 and 4 simultaneously and then release them and press button 3. It is important to know that the doorknob is not turned after the old combination has been inputted. Next, insert the Phillips head screwdriver into the inner cylinder that was made accessible by the lock key. Fit the blade of the screwdriver into the change sleeve and turn clockwise until the change sleeve stops. Next, turn counter-clockwise until the sleeve stops. Remove the screwdriver, and turn the doorknob all the way to the left to cancel the old combination. Enter the new combination for the Unican 1000. Test the new combination while the door is open by inputting the new code, turning the doorknob and checking to see that the latch retracted.