What Do Certain Hugs Mean?

One type of hug is known as the buddy hug, according to TopDatingSites.com, where a person wraps an arm around one another and follows with a pat on the back. A more intimate form of hugging is the bear hug, in which both parties wrap their arms around each other, holding tightly.

A colder form of hugging is also known as the unreciprocated hug, a gesture in which one person's hands remain at each side. TopDatingSites.com goes on to name the squeeze hug, a form of body language that shows both parties had fun and intend to spend time together again. Another hugging gesture is the sleepy shoulder, where each party wraps their arms around one another and lean both heads on the other person's shoulders; this is a sign of closeness. Another version of the sleepy shoulder hug is the snuggle hug, when both people lounge in front of a TV or fireplace and hold each other warmly and tenderly. The waistline hug is another gesture couples normally exhibit, usually occurring when both people are standing or walking together. Cosmopolitan also notes that the waistline hug can be more amorous in nature, showing that the man wants to embrace her sexually. Another form of hug is known as the sneak attack, when the man approaches the woman from behind and wraps his arms around her body. This conveys he wants to be her protector.