What Are Some Cereals That Diabetics Can Eat?

Oatmeal and muesli are some breakfast cereal choices for diabetics, although sweetened and instant versions of oatmeal should be avoided, says Healthline. Wheat bran cereals, such as Post’s 100% Bran, and rice cereals, such as Kellog’s Special K, are also healthy cereals for people with diabetes.

Cereals that consist of simple carbohydrates are not good choices for diabetics because they quickly break down into glucose, explains Healthline. Foods with a low glycemic index number are digested more slowly and consequently don’t cause spikes in glucose levels. Glycemic load is another measurement of how quickly blood sugar levels raise by eating different kinds of carbohydrates; the lower the GL, the better.

Cereals made with wheat bran or rice have very low numbers, while other cereals, such as cream of wheat, corn flakes and grape nuts, are among the highest, states Healthline. Oatmeal is second only to wheat bran cereals, and muesli, which is made of oats and whole grain wheat, has the fourth lowest GI and GL numbers.

Eating other foods that have a high GI can slow their digestion, according to Healthline. For instance, eating a hard-boiled egg, Greek yogurt or a few nuts with a high GI cereal helps prevent spikes in blood sugar. Other good breakfast foods for diabetics include whole fruits, eggs and wheat or rye breads.