What Causes Toes to Curl Under?

Curling down of the toes, known as claw toe, is due to abnormal bends at the joints in the foot which cause the toes to form an unusual position. Such toes may look odd and a person may experience some pain. The condition commonly affects the four smaller toes of the foot, as stated by WebMD.

A person suffering from claw toe is usually affected on all the small toes at the same time. This condition is characterized by bending up of the toes at the point where they meet the foot. The toes then bend down at the joints that are closest to the tips of the toes.

Consulting a doctor may be necessary if toes look unusual or are painful. This condition can be treated easily with home treatment methods, according to WebMD. If the condition is not treated effectively, a surgical operation may be needed.

Putting on tight shoes is the common cause of claw toe. The shoes put pressure on the muscles, making them get out of balance. Wearing tight shoes for too long causes the tendons to contract and shorten. In the long run, it becomes difficult for the muscles to straighten the toes even when a person is not wearing shoes. Women are commonly affected by this condition because of the narrow shoes they tend to wear.