What Causes Tires to Make Loud Road Noise?

Loud tire noises on a road can be caused by many factors including: aggressive tread, bad alignment and balance, bent wheels, damaged struts or wheel bearings. Determining the cause of loud tire noise on a road is possible by noting the specifics of the noise.

If the loud noise is only coming from one tire, it could mean that tire is worn down due to use. If the tire is always that loud and all of the tires on a car are the same, it could indicate a tire with an aggressive tread on the road. Tire treads built for heavier loads or to go off-roading often make more noise than other tires.

Noise can also come from the air chamber located inside the tire. This area creates sound resonance, just like a drum, as the tire rolls along the road. If the tire or car is damaged, this can increase noise due to the machine not acting the way it was designed to act. Bad tire alignment can make a tire have irregular or bumpy movement on a road which makes the sound coming from it louder. Equipment such as PNCS can reduce tire noise; an alignment and routine maintenance can also reduce the noise.