What Causes Tingling in the Tongue and Lips?

Some causes of a tingling tongue and surrounding area are stroke, head injury and a reduction in blood flow, according to Healthgrades. Other causes are vitamin or mineral deficiencies, a nerve injury, or several diseases, such as hypothyroidism or multiple sclerosis. Alcohol and tobacco abuse can also cause this tingling sensation, as can side effects from certain medications.

A fracture of the jaw, oral surgery that injures the nerve to the tongue, and nerve pressure from a tumor can all cause nerve damage that may result in a tingling feeling. Heavy metal intoxication and radiation exposure are other possible causes of this issue, states Healthgrades. Depending on the cause of the tingling, serious complications can occur, such as loss of vision or blindness, paralysis and unconsciousness. However, the sensation may be a result of a less serious problem, such as poor oral hygiene or excessive bacterial growth.

Tingling in the tongue often occurs in conjunction with numbness or pain in the same or nearby area, such as the lips, explains Healthgrades. Facial and muscle weakness may also accompany the tingling sensation. It is important to contact a medical professional if symptoms occur with the tingling, such as loss of vision, a sudden severe headache or changes in speech.