What Are Some Causes of Tingling in the Face and Neck?

Causes of a tingling face or neck include exposure to cold weather or a toxin, injury or trauma to the face, and nerve pressure, according to Healthgrades. Other causes of a tingling face include diseases such as multiple sclerosis or shingles. Vitamin deficiency and migraines may also cause tingling.

Life-threatening problems that might cause tingling are brain or nerve tumors and head injuries, explains Healthgrades. A stroke or ischemic attack can also cause tingling. In these cases, it is necessary to contact a doctor immediately. Brain damage, paralysis and permanent nerve damage can all occur if a doctor does not treat these severe diseases. A tingling sensation due to an injury is immediate, while tingling due to other causes may be slower to appear and can worsen.

Shingles occurs when the virus that causes chicken pox reactivates. The virus affects the nerve roots and the area of skin around them and causes a painful rash, states WebMD. Tingling in the affected area, as well as pain, burning and numbness, occurs before the rash appears. The sensation can appear on the face, neck and chest or back. The lymph nodes may swell and people may experience symptoms similar to the flu.