What Causes Symptoms of Chest Pain in Women?

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Symptoms of chest pain in women can be caused by heart attack, blocked blood vessels or ruptured arteries, inflammation of the heart muscle or sack, heart disease, and acid reflux, says Healthline. Women are especially susceptible to Tietze’s Syndrome, inflammation of the cartilage at the breast bone.

Not only do heart problems manifest in chest pain, but so do certain lung, gastrointestinal, and muscle and chest issues, explains Healthline. Other health issues that can cause this type of pain include bronchitis, pneumonia and pneumothorax in the lungs. The latter occurs when air leaks into the chest cavity, causing pressure and pain. Sore or bruised muscles and bones in the chest area can also cause pain such as broken ribs, compression fractures and Tietze’s Syndrome. Tietze’s Syndrome occurs when the cartilage that connects the ribs to the sternum or breast bone becomes inflamed, causing chest pain.

If the cause of pain is a heart attack, other than chest pain, a woman generally experiences jaw, neck, arm and back pain as well, according to WebMD. Unlike men, women’s symptoms are often more subtle and can manifest as fatigue, shortness of breath and sweating. Stomach pain can also accompany a heart attack, although it can easily be mistaken for a gastrointestinal problem instead.