What Causes the Sensation of Skin Itching and Crawling?

Morgellons is the condition where a person may feel crawling and itching skin, according to WebMD. Some doctors believe that this is a physical condition, but others believe that it is a mental condition, and the feeling of crawling and itching skin is a delusion.

The symptoms of Morgellons include unpleasant skin sensations that feel like bugs crawling over the skin, stinging or burning under the skin, intense itching, skin sores due to the itching, and thread-like fibers in the skin, explains WebMD. Other symptoms of Morgellons include difficulty paying attention, fatigue, hair loss, nervous system issues, and joint or muscle pain. People may also experience tooth loss, short-term memory loss and sleep problems.

There is no cure for Morgellons, but treating any psychiatric or medical issues that occur concurrently with this condition may help ease the symptoms, states WebMD. Medical researchers also recommend that patients who believe they have Morgellons should get a psychiatric evaluation. Most reports of people who complain of Morgellons symptoms come from Texas, California and Florida, and the condition is most likely to affect white, middle-aged women. Most patients who have Morgellons also show signs of having an obsession with all health problems, and many patients also have other health problems including drug use and depression.