What Are Some Causes of School Bullying?

Yellow Dog Productions/The Image Bank/Getty Images

There are many reasons for bullying in schools. Certain environmental factors and personality traits, however, are at the root of school bullying.

By identifying the many causes of bullying, it may help prevent or stop some children before the bullying starts.

Some bullies have dysfunctional families. People in their families, like parents or siblings, may act aggressively toward each other or toward outsiders. These aggressive behaviors are modeled in the home and are thus seen as acceptable. If children do not feel nurtured at home, they may take these frustrations out on peers they deem weaker.

School bullies like to be in charge. These kids may be popular — or very worried about their popularity — and may feel the need to have power over other students. Some kids gain popularity, or attention, by bullying others as well.

Many bullies are unable to control their emotions. If they become frustrated — if minor irritations are magnified — they overreact and hurt others. These types of kids might also make rash decisions or have difficulty following rules.

Some bullies actually enjoy victimizing others. These kids may be unable to identify with their peers. When they inflict emotional or physical pain upon others, they have no clue how their victims feel. They might also feel successful when they hurt others, so they will continue doing so.