What Causes Red Spots on the Tops of Feet?

Red spots on the top of the feet could be caused by complications with diabetes or blisters and calluses from poorly fitting footwear, according to eMedicineHealth. A fungal infection of the skin can also cause red spots that may become itchy or irritated.

Red spots on the top of the feet may also indicate dry, cracked skin due to exposure to harsh weather conditions or blisters from a burn or excessive rubbing from a shoe, notes Mayo Clinic. When the red spots itch, rubbing the infected area may cause the spots to spread or itch even more.

A cluster of boils could result in red spots appearing on the top of the feet, explains the American Academy of Family Physicians. Boils occur when an infection under the skin exists. Small insect bites may cause red spots if the feet were exposed to natural surroundings, such as sand or grass. An allergic reaction to grass, clothing, laundry detergent or a particular texture of socks could cause red spots as well.

When red spots appear on the feet and last longer than two weeks, it may be necessary to contact a health professional for treatment. Home remedies may include placing a warm cloth on the red spots to draw out the infection, according to Mayo Clinic.