What Causes Some People to Think That Genders Are Not Equal?


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Some cause of gender discrimination include the historical division of domestic and public work, segregation of labor and societal factors that condition genders differently. The vast majority of factors that affect gender discrimination are harmful to women and advantageous to men.

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What Causes Some People to Think That Genders Are Not Equal?
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One of the major causes of gender inequality is the long-standing division of domestic work for women and public work for men. Women’s reproductive roles have historically constrained them to domestic duties, including raising children, preparing food and maintaining the home. Historically, men have been saddled with little domestic responsibility, allowing them to pursue economically advantageous opportunities in the public sphere, such as science, business and politics. Society historically grants more prestige to these types of public activities and discounts the value of domestic work, marginalizing women.

Even as women increasingly enter the workforce, they often perform work that is less socially valued than the work performed by men. Sectors that predominately employ women, such as health and education, pay less on average than sectors dominated by men, such as business.

Numerous social factors, including how women are raised, also contribute to gender inequality and discrimination. From birth, children are conditioned to the idea that girls and boys behave in distinct, determined ways. Girls are seen as needing more protection, and more restrictions are placed on them compared to boys.

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