What Causes Pain in the Shin Bone Area of Your Leg?

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A common cause of pain in the shin bone area of the leg is a shin splint, explains Mayo Clinic. This occurs most often in people who dance, run or train in the military.

People are more likely to get shin splints when they overwork the muscles, tendons and bones in the leg, according to Mayo Clinic. Shin splints often occur when runners take up a new running program. Athletes who play sports on hard surfaces, especially with frequent stops and starts, are more likely to develop the condition. People who run over uneven terrain, such as those undergoing military training, are also more likely to encounter shin splints. Treatment for the condition involves rest, ice and modifications to exercise routines.

Other causes of pain around the shin bone are muscle cramps, torn tendons or broken bones, notes WebMD. Muscle cramps are usually the result of dehydration, while torn tendons and broken bones are the results of injuries to the leg. Blood vessel issues sometimes cause pain in the lower leg. These causes include blood clots, infection and lower extremity peripheral arterial disease. Skin that feels tender and warm, and that is red in color, typically accompanies pain that occurs as the result of an infection.