What Causes Pain in the Legs at Night?

Some of the causes of pain in the legs at night include dehydration, injury, medications, muscle strain, muscle fatigue, pregnancy, excessive exercise, standing for prolonged periods of time and staying at cold temperatures for too long. Treatment of nighttime leg cramps normally depends on the cause and may range from simple massages to medical prescription by the doctor, according to WebMD.

One of the most common causes of pain in the legs at night is pregnancy. This normally happens because the expectant mother is lacking certain nutrients that are vital for bone development and muscle strength. To remedy this situation, eating foods rich in magnesium and calcium may be a good idea.

Leg cramps caused by dehydration can easily be remedied by consuming more liquids including water and healthy fruit juices. If the pain is caused by too much activity, it may be wise to take a shower or warm bath at night to relax the legs. Right after the bath, casually massaging the legs will help ease the tension and pain.

When pain is caused by health complications, the best way to deal with the situation is to consult a doctor. The doctor may treat the underlying condition and prescribe certain painkillers to ease the pain. The most common night leg cramps are caused by muscle fatigue or strain and therefore require no special attention, as noted by Mayo Clinic.