What Causes Orbs and Glow-Spaces in Alleged Ghost Photographs?


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Paranormal investigators often allege that the orbs and other light phenomena captured in certain photographs are due to the presence of supernatural beings. Skeptics, including many professional photographers, say that the phenomena could stem from simple interference involving light, dust, double exposures and other common photographic occurrences.

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What Causes Orbs and Glow-Spaces in Alleged Ghost Photographs?
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Those who are partial to the paranormal explanation for the orbs and glow-spaces that appear in photographs usually subscribe to the belief that the forms are a physical manifestation of a disembodied spirit. There is a school of thought that places various meanings upon different physical characteristics of these orbs and light forms, most commonly having to do with their size, color and shape.

Experiments have shown that orbs can show up in photographs when light from a camera's flash reflects off small pieces of matter, such as dust or pollen. Snow, raindrops, small insects and other tiny particles can cause similar results. Streaks of light or areas that appear to glow can occur as a result of what photographers call lens flare. These and other photographic anomalies can cause unusual forms to show up in pictures. These kinds of images may have become associated with the paranormal because they appear only in photographs and are not perceived with the naked eye.

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