What Causes Night Sweats in Men?

Nils Hendrik Mueller/Cultura/Getty Images

Night sweats in men usually occur due to low testosterone levels, high stress levels, and poor diet and fitness, according to BodyLogicMD. The National Health Service states that some causes of night sweats include obstructive sleep apnea, certain medications, low blood sugar and infections.

Night sweats are intense hot flashes that happen at night, explains BodyLogicMD. Male night sweats usually lead to extreme sweating that drenches nightwear and bed sheets. Sweating also tends to interfere with sleep and leaves a feeling of intense heat or a slight chill. External heat does not cause night sweats in men. Low testosterone levels in andropausal men often triggers false signals to the hypothalamus, which is the brain’s temperature control center. Due to this hormonal imbalance, the hypothalamus receives signals that the body is overheated and forces the body to expel the nonexistent excess heat through night sweats.

Night sweats are sometimes a sign of an underlying condition, says the NHS. One possible cause is obstructive sleep apnea, a medical condition that results in interrupted breathing during sleep. Medications, such as antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs, cause night sweats as a side effect. Other listed causes are low blood sugar, which is generally associated with diabetes, and infections like tuberculosis, heart valve inflammation, bone infection and abscesses.