What Are the Causes of an Identity Crisis?

There are various causes of identity crisis, including improper upbringing, lack of affirmation and unpleasant past experiences. Other factors that lead to identity crisis include stress, troubles and societal demands. Lack of ideologies and values, experimenting roles and being a leader may also cause identity crisis.

Identity crisis refers to the failure to attain ego identity during adolescence. It is a state of an individual not believing in himself. A person experiencing identity crisis has a feeling of not knowing his real self. Identity crisis is one of the most important conflicts that individuals experience during development. It occurs during cohesion or role confusion stages of psychosocial development. During the adolescent stage, people undergo physical growth, sexual maturation and internalization of ideas about how others view and think of them.

The way a child is raised largely influences the way he lives in adulthood. People who never experienced love during their childhood may hardly express love to others in adulthood. Families have an obligation to create a conducive environment for their children, show them love and provide for their needs. As children are growing up, they need to hear some words of encouragement that help them to believe in themselves. When they do not hear such words, they tend to withdraw and eventually experience identity crisis. Additionally, traumatizing past experiences may torment an individual and cause him to lose confidence.