What Causes Hip Pain at Night?

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One possible cause of hip pain at night is hip bursitis, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Hip bursitis often worsens at night, especially if the person is laying on the affected hip. Hip bursitis is an inflammation in the sacs that cushion the bones in the hip joints.

Hip bursitis may also worsen after prolonged periods of squatting, walking or any movement that requires extended use of the hip joints. Physical therapy, steroid injections and pain relievers are commonly used treatments.

Hip pain may also be caused by osteoarthritis, as noted by WebMD. While treatments similar to those used for hip bursitis may help, patients should be watchful of symptoms and alert their doctors if there is any deformation of the joints, extreme decrease in range of motion or mobility, or sudden onset of severe pain. Any hip pain that is the result of a fall should also be immediately evaluated by a doctor.

If the hip pain is especially severe or does not respond to other treatments, surgery may be necessary. Hip bursitis can be treated surgically by removing the affected bursa. This can be done by either arthroscopic or traditional surgical procedures. Other conditions may necessitate a hip replacement.