What Causes a Cold Sensation on the Top of the Head?

A cold sensation on the top of the head can be due to anxiety or a skin condition such as seborrhea, according to doctors from HealthTap. It is best to check with a qualified health professional to get an accurate diagnosis.

People with generalized anxiety disorder have multiple and nonspecific worries that interfere with their lives, explains MedicineNet. Anxiety disorders include specific phobias, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder and agoraphobia. Many factors, including stress and family history, increase the risk of developing this disorder. Symptoms of the condition include being overly emotional and behavioral as well as panicking. Treatment for anxiety usually includes lifestyle changes, psychotherapy and medication.

Seborrhea, commonly known as dandruff, occurs when the scalp excessively exfoliates, states MedicineNet. The cause for the condition is unknown, but it is speculated a yeast that lives on the skin may play a role. Although it is a common condition affecting 5 percent of the population, seborrhea can be severe for people with weakened immune systems. Other conditions that can produce excessive dandruff include psoriasis, fungal infections and allergic contact dermatitis. Some treatments for seborrhea include various types of medicated shampoos and creams that are available over-the-counter and with a prescription.