What Are the Causes of Burning Sensations in the Inner Thigh?

A burning sensation on the inner part of the thigh is typically caused by pressure against skin-deep nerves on the front or side of the thigh, according to Kaiser Permanente. There are numerous conditions that can contribute to this burning sensation, such as added weight and extremely tight clothing.

Burning thigh pain is also known as meralgia parasthetica, and it is sometimes accompanied by numbness or tingling in the affected area of the thigh, notes Kaiser Permanente. Most of the time, meralgia parasthetica goes away on its own without medical treatment. However, some cases may require treatment to reduce pressure on the affected nerves. Typically, this begins with a doctor asking questions about medical history and conducting a physical examination of the affected area and surrounding areas. Other tests or X-rays may be ordered for a more accurate diagnosis.

In some cases, pressure and burning in the inner thigh can be symptoms of femoral nerve dysfunction, according to MedlinePlus. Femoral nerve dysfunction refers to femoral nerve damage that can cause loss of movement or sensation in the thigh in addition to the burning. Certain injuries, pressure on the nerves for extended periods of time, tumors and masses are typical causes of femoral nerve damage. People with femoral nerve damage typically recover fully as long as the causes are identified and treated effectively. However, some cases can result in diminished movement or sensation.