What Are the Causes of Burning Pain in the Heel?

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Neuropathy, or nerve damage, is a common cause of a burning sensation in the feet, according to WebMD. Neuropathy can be the result of a number of underlying conditions, including diabetes, kidney disease, lyme disease and hypothyroidism.

Individuals who suffer from neuropathy may experience tingling and numbness in the feet, as well as burning pain that can range from mild to severe, explains WebMD. The damage to the nerves causes false signals to the brain indicating there is injury where none exists. Other causes of neuropathy include alcohol abuse; metal poisoning from mercury, lead or arsenic; and side effects from the use of drugs such as HIV medicines, chemotherapy drugs and excessive amounts of vitamin B12. Burning pain in the feet may also be the result of peripheral artery disease, poor blood circulation and infections or inflammation such as athlete’s foot.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is another cause for burning pain in the feet, according to John Hopkins Medicine. The tarsal tunnel is a canal located between the ankle bone and the ligaments that contains the tibial nerve, which creates sensation in the bottoms of feet. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is the compression of the tibial nerve and can result from disease, injury or the foot’s natural shape. Flat feet and fallen arches are common causes of nerve compression, as is swelling due to injury, diabetes or arthritis. Other causes include varicose veins, swollen tendons, ganglion cysts and bone spurs.