What Are Some Causes of Burning Leg Pain During the Night?

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Some causes of a burning leg pain or cramp at night may be some types of medications and different medical conditions, such as diabetes, neuropathy, hypothyroidism and dehydration. In some cases, activities during the day time can contribute to this type of leg pain, including standing on a hard surface for a prolonged period of time or overexertion of the leg muscles, states Cleveland Clinic.

Nocturnal leg cramps can be a painful sensation felt in different muscles of the legs but, most often, the pain occurs in the calf area. The cramp can last up to a few minutes. A muscle cramp occurs when the leg muscles contract, states WebMD. A painful muscle spasm is often referred to as a charley horse.

Some other conditions that can cause a painful nighttime cramp are alcoholism, electrolyte imbalances, multiple sclerosis, kidney disease, having flat feet and a circulatory problem. At times, the cause of leg muscle cramps may be sleeping in an awkward position that affects the leg muscles. Additionally, certain medications, including statins, beta agonists, steroids and water pills, can also cause this symptom.

A simple way to treat a leg cramp is to stretch the affected leg muscle. Some supplements that may be beneficial for leg cramps are vitamin E, vitamin B complex and magnesium, states Cleveland Clinic. However, when these cramps are caused by a medical condition, it needs to be treated to address this symptom of leg pain or cramp.