What Causes Broken Capillaries on the Nose?

STEVE GSCHMEISSNER/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

Broken capillaries on the nose are caused by extreme temperature changes, sunburn, smoking, trauma and alcohol consumption as well as blood thinning medications, age, hormones, environment and certain medical conditions, such as rosacea, according to The Dermatology Review. Broken capillaries, especially those found on the face and nose, are quite common since these tiny vessels are sensitive and lie close to the skin’s surface explains My Choice Freedom.

Several factors can make broken capillaries worse by increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin, says Facedoctors Remuera. These factors include spicy foods, alcohol, sunlight and stress as well as strenuous exercise, hot baths or showers, steroids and certain medications, especially those that dilate blood vessels, such as blood pressure and heart medications. Hot foods and beverages may also increase the appearance of capillaries temporarily.

In addition to avoiding things that can aggravate the condition, the appearance of broken capillaries on the nose can be reduced with topical creams, oral medications used to treat rosacea, medical-grade skin peels, red light and blue light therapy, medical facials and photo rejuvenation, according to Facedoctors Rumuera. The Dermatology Review also recommends treating broken capillaries with an advanced and consistent skin care regimen with the goal of removing dead skin cells, strengthening the skin and restoring skin density.