What Is the Cause of Twinges in Someone’s Lower Abdomen?

Problems ranging from appendicitis to stomach ulcers can be a reason for pain in the lower abdomen. However, instead of self-diagnosing, it is recommended that people experiencing this kind of pain see a physician, since a doctor is much more accurate and will perform blood tests and X-rays, if needed.

Twinges in the lower abdomen can be a sign for something severe, like pancreatitis or it can be something as minute as gas, according to Med-Health.net. To be safe, it is always best to get the opinion of a doctor in these scenarios.

The first way to determine what the weird twinges are is to figure out the food that was eaten, such as one that commonly causes gas. The second way is to look at other symptoms that accompany the twinging, such as vomiting, fever, pain, blood in the stool, shakes or clammy skin. Any of these coupled with twinges can indicate flu virus or a problem with the bacteria in the person’s gut, as noted by Healthline.com.

If the pain starts out mild and becomes severe, then getting to a hospital is the most important thing to do, as there’s a chance it could be appendicitis, an allergy, gallstones, kidney stones, an ulcer or food poisoning. Pregnant women may even be suffering complications. The best way to tell what that twinge is is to get a physician’s opinion on it first.