Why Do Catholics Pray the Rosary Daily?

The Catholic practice of praying the rosary daily is associated with a number of benefits by adherents, including gaining an understanding of life's purpose, creating meaning and fulfillment, connecting with God and improving the ability to discern right behavior from wrong. Essentially, praying the rosary is intended by Catholics as a means of spiritual growth.

Some other specific benefits Catholics associate with praying the rosary are the creation of peace, diverting the mind from material desires, increasing awareness and intuition and strengthening love in relationships. The rosary may also serve as a source of comfort during difficult times and is considered a form of spiritual protection against negativity.

The prayers recited when praying the rosary are The Apostle's Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Hail Holy Queen and Prayer for the Holy Father. The Fatima Prayer may also be recited if desired. The Catholic Church directs Catholics to be free of attachment and sin before praying the rosary, and to receive Holy Communion of the intended day. A prayer for the Pope should also be given.

Many Catholics also make requests of God and Our Lady when praying the rosary. Catholics believe that people new to the practice are especially likely to have these requests answered. The same request might be repeated daily or different requests might be asked each time. Typical requests are for favors, healing and conversions.