What Catholic Items Does Spirit Daily Have?

What Catholic Items Does Spirit Daily Have?

The Spirit Daily gift shop has a variety of Catholic items for sale, including statues, crucifixes, rosaries, books and nativity sets. Customers can buy the merchandise online, by mail or over the telephone.

As of 2016, the Spirit Daily's Catholic gift store offers a number of garden statues and figurines depicting the images of Jesus, Mary, saints and angels. Other figurines honor motherhood, baptism or a child's first Holy Communion. A number of the statues double as bird baths, bird feeders, wind chimes or memory stones. Mini statues and car statues are also available for purchase.

Crucifixes with bases or that can be hung on the wall come in various sizes and finishes. Customers also have a choice of nativity sets that include different figurines.

Spirit Daily's store sells numerous Catholic print and electronic books, including many written by priests and nuns. Books on prayers, saints, the afterlife, the sacraments and more can be selected. CDs and DVDs offer music, interviews, prayers and stories.

The store is a part of the Spirit Daily company, a Catholic and spiritual news website. Products in the gift shop, such as statues, are available for purchase only in the United States and include free shipping. Items take two weeks to ship. Books and other materials can be mailed to Canadian addresses for a fee.