Who Are Some Catholic Female Saints?

Who Are Some Catholic Female Saints?

Some Catholic female saints include St. Joan of Arc, St. Ursula and St. Mother Theodore Guerin. These women received sainthood based on their deeds and conduct during their lives. There are 783 female saints recognized by the Catholic Church.

St. Joan of Arc was born in 1412 and burned at the stake in 1431 by the English. She led a small army during the Siege of Orleans in 1429. She was made a saint in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV.

St. Ursula's life is steeped in legend. Purportedly the daughter of a Christian king in Britain, she is believed to have been massacred with other virgins when she refused to marry one of her captors.

St. Mother Theodore Guerin was born in 1798 and died in 1856. She was recognized as a saint by Pope Benedict XVI in 2006. She was the foundress of the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

Some female saints are awarded sainthood because they were mothers of saints or because of their sacrifices for the church or their communities.

Other female Catholic saints include St. Mary Frances of the Five Wounds of Jesus, St. Maria Goretti, St. Mary Magdalene, Mary the Blessed Virgin and St. Zita.