What Do Catholic Churches Typically Look Like?


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A Catholic church should appear to be taller than it is wide, which gives visitors the feeling that the space is reaching to heaven. The building should also have a sense of permanence and must not give the idea that it is makeshift or temporary.

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What Do Catholic Churches Typically Look Like?
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The church must have enough iconography to let people know that it is a church and not a library, a residence or a store. This iconography can take the form of statues of Jesus, Mary or the saints and stained glass windows showing scenes from the Bible.

Many Catholic churches also have bell towers, or campaniles. They may have roofs in the form of domes or steeples topped by a cross, and the facade may contain a stained glass rose window. Within the church are pews, an altar, a font for holy water and maybe a baptismal font.

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