How Do You Know If a Carrier A/C Is Still Covered by Warranty?

To find out if a Carrier air conditioner is still under warranty, it is necessary to discover when the product was installed and then to consult the written warranty found in the owner’s manual. Carrier provides different warranty terms and lengths for its various air conditioner units.

In most cases, the warranty period begins from the date that the air conditioner was originally installed.

If the owner cannot verify the original date of installation, the warranty begins 90 days from the date the product was manufactured, as indicated by the serial number. To obtain warranty service for a Carrier air conditioner, it is necessary to contact the original installer or a local Carrier dealer.

All Carrier ductless split system air conditioners are covered by a five-year limited parts warranty and a seven-year compressor warranty when used in owner-occupied residential applications. This warranty can be transferred to the new owner if the building is sold within the warranty period. For products used in other residential applications, such as apartments or rentals, the air conditioner is only covered by a one-year limited parts warranty and five-year compressor warranty. If the product is used in any application such as this, the warranty is not transferable and is only valid for the original owner.