What Careers Are Best for an Aquarius?

According to Horoscope.com, Aquarius personality types may have successful careers working as mediators, meteorologists, political activists, rocket scientists, conceptual artists, environmental planners, social workers, aid workers, astrologers and engineers. Open-minded Aquarius individuals enter into careers such as teaching, sales, marketing and communications because they provide social stimulation and the chance to spread ideas to others.

Aquarius personalities perform well in positions that allow them to help others while standing in the spotlight. Jobs that provide excitement combined with planning are perfect for Aquarius personalities. The Aquarius requires intellectual stimulation and a job that allows him to work independently. Aquarius personalities do not do well in careers that require repetitive tasks, such as data entry, filing or compiling information.

Aquarius personalities are also problem solvers. A career as a mediator incorporates many of the strengths and needs of the Aquarius. Mediators work for others to solve problems, while stimulating the mind with various information. Given his desire to communicate new ideas and help his community, an Aquarius would also thrive in a career as a political activist, fighting big government over sensitive social issues, such as civil rights and child welfare. Political activists spread information by circulating petitions and writing to the government.