How Do You Care for a Rose-of-Sharon Tree?

To care for a rose of Sharon tree, plant the tree in well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade in spring or fall and cover the base with a layer of mulch. Add compost or fertilizer to the base each spring and prune the tree in late winter or spring.

The rose of Sharon is not a true rose. It is a species of hibiscus native to Asia. Like other hibiscus species, it does well in warmer climates and can tolerate zones five through eight. To care for a rose of Sharon tree, run through the following steps.

  1. Plant the shrub in an appropriate place
  2. Plant the rose of Sharon in well-drained soil to avoid water logging. The shrub requires full sun to partial shade to thrive, so be sure that the space gets adequate sunlight. When planting, mix some fertilizer into the soil.

  3. Add mulch
  4. Add a layer of mulch to the base of the plant to help the area retain moisture.

  5. Water regularly
  6. Water the plant in dry periods when there is no rainfall.

  7. Fertilize the plant annually
  8. In spring, spread fertilizer or compost around the base to add nutrients to the plant. Do not fertilize the shrub more frequently, as too many nutrients cause the leaves to yellow or brown. Spread new mulch around the base.

  9. Prune in late winter or early spring
  10. Prune two to three buds off of each branch to promote flower growth. Prune back any dead branches completely.