How Do You Care for Potted Roses in the Winter?

To care for potted roses in the winter, stop fertilizing and deadheading six weeks before winter, put the plants indoors, add moss to the container, tie a trash bag around the containers, and prune the roses. Winter care is easy and requires trash bags, pruners and moss.

  1. Prepare the plants before winter

    Six weeks before winter, stop fertilizing the plants. This discourages new blossoms, which are susceptible to damage. Stop deadheading spent blossoms so that the plants grow rose hips and go dormant.

  2. Put the plants indoors

    Place the containers in an unheated indoor area, such as a shed or garage. Keep the roots from freezing by packing moss into the top of the container, placing the container in a trash bag and tying the bag loosely around the stem. Keep the plants away from direct sunlight to ensure they remain dormant.

  3. Water the plants sparsely

    Water the plants sparingly. Allow the soil to become completely dry before watering again. Too much water can kill roses during the winter.

  4. Prune the roses

    Prune the plants so that the upright stems are 3 feet tall. Cut only the canopy, not the trunk.

  5. Replace plants outside after winter

    When winter has passed, remove the trash bags and moss. Give the plants a thorough watering, and return them to their original location.