How Do You Care for Eucalyptus Wood Furniture?

To maintain the new appearance of eucalyptus wood furniture, apply linseed oil to the wood several times during the spring and summer, as well as before you use it for the first time. Regular maintenance keeps eucalyptus furniture from developing a silver, hazy finish from exposure to the elements.

  1. Remove upholstery from the furniture, and prepare the oiling cloth

    Untie any cushions or pillows from the eucalyptus chairs, and remove any covering you have put on the table or other pieces of furniture. Apply linseed oil to a clean, dry cloth that is free of lint.

  2. Apply the linseed oil to the furniture

    Rub the linseed oil into all of the wood surfaces of the eucalyptus furniture, layering the oil generously. Keep rubbing in oil until it works into the surface of the wood, adding more to your cloth as necessary. Cover seats, legs and top surfaces evenly and generously.

  3. Wipe excess oil from the wood

    Allow the eucalyptus an hour or so to absorb the oil, and then wipe away any excess oil with a fresh, dry cloth. Tie the cushions back onto the furniture, and set out for use. Plan to reapply two to four times during the spring and summer each year.