How Do You Find Car Specs by VIN Number?

To find car specifications by VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), go to a website that decodes VINs, enter the number, and search. These websites present you with the vehicle’s specifications after decoding the VIN. Websites that decode VINs include Auto Check, Decode This and Individuals can also decode VIN numbers on the car manufacturer’s website.

To find out the VIN, look for a 17-character code that contains both numbers and letters. It is usually located on the dash board on the driver’s side and can usually be seen through the windshield. The VIN is also stated on documents, such as car insurance. Ask the car dealership of the owner of the car for the VIN if the car doesn’t belong to you.

VINs are unique numbers that are assigned to every car and contain encrypted information about the car manufacturer, model, where and when it was produced and other details. VINs are public, so anyone can use them to find vehicle specifications. Police often use VINs to identify stolen vehicles, since each VIN is unique.

Some websites, such as Auto Check, offer car history and information on car repairs for a small fee. This can be useful when buying a used car.