What Are Some Capricorn Personality Traits?


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According to astrology, Capricorn is considered to be a diligent, hard-working and ambitious sign. Other traits of a Capricorn are determination, perseverance, patience and dependability.

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The symbol of Capricorn is the goat and its planetary ruler is Saturn. Capricorns are governed by both the earth and cardinal elements. Earth elements are known to be consistent, sensible and grounded. Astrological signs with cardinal elements are considered to be natural leaders or initiators. With this dynamic combination, Capricorns are noted to be highly practical and organized, yet also self-motivated and driven. They set goals and reach to new heights with unwavering determination, persistence and patience.

However, just like any other signs in the zodiac, Capricorns may also possess some negative personality traits. When Capricorns are out of balance, they can either be controlling, materialistic and domineering, or they can turn the other direction and become pessimistic, melancholic and diffident.

Capricorns take their relationships seriously, and they are often slow and cautious at the beginning. They may be cold and reserved at first, but once they finally trust and feel more comfortable with their partners, they can actually be loyal and committed. Any partner paired with a Capricorn must have patience to get to know her better.

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