Are Capricorn Females and Leo Males Compatible?

Capricorn females and Leo males often experience communication issues due to Leo's stubborn traits and Capricorn's cold and unaffectionate demeanor. According to international astrologer Wilton Black, Capricorns tend to be emotionally detached and Leos tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves, which can also lead to miscommunication and arguments.

Leos are known to exaggerate their emotions and they tend to have a flair for the dramatic, while Capricorns are known to downplay their emotions. Regardless of how a Capricorn woman feels about her Leo mate on the inside, her inability to express her true feelings can lead a Leo to feel unloved and under-appreciated.

Leos and Capricorns often experience heated discussions and arguments due to the fact that both signs have a deep-seated need to be right. Over-talking each other and the constant need to dominate the conversation can lead to miscommunication as well, simply due to the fact that neither person is listening.

While romantic relationships between Capricorn women and Leo men are not considered compatible, business partnerships and friendships often work well between the two. Capricorn women often get a kick out of Leo men, as their zest for life can be refreshing to their ever-serious, down-to-earth personalities.