What Does the Cannery Price List LDS Include?


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As of 2015, the LDS Canneries no longer offer canning services in most locations, so the price list is now only for pre-packaged goods for collection from a local Home Storage Center, which is the new name for the service. PDF order forms are available online for users to plan their shopping, and the church's website also offers an online store for basic goods and food preservation tools.

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All of the Home Storage Centers offer basic goods in #10 cans and pouches, as well as water filtration and storage materials. Foodstuffs in cans and pouches include beans, grains, vegetables and fruit. Powdered beverages such as milk, fruit drink and cocoa are also available.

Twelve of the locations in Canada and the United States have retained canning facilities. Their price lists offer the same products, but also allow users to add their choice of preservation method. The facilities charge each part of the process separately, unless the customer selects a pre-priced package, and the customer must remember to add all of the necessary parts, such as lids and oxygen absorbers, to get the full price. The price lists for these centers also offer bulk purchase options for some of the items normally sold in cans or pouches. These come in packages of 15 to 35 pounds.

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