What Can Zionism Be Described As?

Zionism is a movement that describes the process of Jewish people looking to rebuild their lives in the land that was promised to them according to the Torah, which are the Lands of Jerusalem and Israel.The problem with Zionism is that there are other people living in the these lands already and Zionists do not want anyone other than Jewish people living on the land.

Zionism, as it is known today, began in the late 19th century when Eastern Europe was attacking and mistreating Jewish people and when Western Europe was discriminating against the Jewish people. Many Jewish leaders felt that it was time to create political change by creating a space where the Jewish people could practice their faith freely without persecution. Theodor Herzi, an Austrian journalist, was the first to suggest this in 1896. He called on Jews to immigrate to their own country.

The Jewish people originally were the ones in power in Israel so they felt that it was only fair that the land be theirs once again after the decades of exile and foreign attacks. There are many people of the Jewish faith, however, that do not consider themselves to be Zionists, which is what the followers of Zionism call themselves. They feel that the Israel state is not religious enough or that Zionism enables persecution of other religions in Israel.